Today is a perfect day at sea. Seagulls are flying above an ocean while dolphins leap in and out of the water, chittering happily. Then, a pirate ship emerges from the fog, crashing the waves. The dolphins dive back into the water.

Hanna-Barbera Characters: I'll tell you a tale of the bottomless blue
And it's hey to the starboard
Heave ho
Look out, lad, a mermouse be waitin' for you
In mysterious fathoms below

On top of the deck, there is an orange cat with green eyes. He wears a white shirt, a dark green vest, a green bow tie, and brown pants. His name is Danny Cat, and he is enjoying the day at sea.

Next to him is a slender, handsome handsome Jack Russell Terrier with white fur, brown ears, a black nose and eyebrows, brown spots on his back, and a gray upper muzzle and feet, wearing a red scarf. His name is Dodger. He, too, is enjoying the weather.

"Isn't this great? The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face!" said Danny. Dodger barked in agreement as Dodger sighed happily. "Perfect day to be at sea!"

Leaning over the side of the ship is a hornbill with blue feathers, a white belly, undertail, underwings, and eyes with black pupils, aqua eyelids, orange feet and bill with yellow trimming on both sides around his nostrils, indigo feather tips with white linings beneath them, thick black eyebrows, indigo trimming on his head, and an indigo feather on the back of it flies out from behind. His name is Zazu, Danny's butler. At the moment he does not look well, for he is green in the face.

Zazu: (sarcastically) "Oh yes!" said Zazu, sarcastically and sickly. "Delightful!" He retches into the sea.

"A fine strong wind and a following sea." said Mr. Krabs, one of the sailors. "King Thomas O'Malley must be in a friendly-type mood."

"King Thomas O'Malley?"

"Why, alley cat and ruler of the mer-animals, lad," said The Great Prince of the Forest, another sailor. "Thought every good sailor knew about him."

"Mer-animals." scoffed Zazu. "Danny, pay no attention to this nautical nonsense."

The Great Prince held a fish and waved it in front of Zazu. "But it ain't nonsense, it's the truth!" He told Zazu. "I'm tellin' you, down in the depths o' the ocean they live!"

The fish in The Great Prince's hoof flopped and slipped out of his hooves, slapping Zazu in the face numerous times before jumping back in the ocean, relieved.

Hanna-Barbera Characters: Heave ho, heave ho
In mysterious fathoms below!

The fish dives and looks up at the ship. Then he sighs and swims away. The theme from "Part of Your World" is playing. Various fish are swimming.

SuperJNG18 Productions presents

The Little Mer-Cat

(Mer-animals converge on a great undersea palace, filling the concert hall inside.)