The CastEdit

Peter Pan - Himself
Wendy Darling - Herself
John Darling - Himself
Michael Darling - Himself
Tinkerbell - Herself
Captain Hook - Himself
Mr. Smee - Himself
Tic-Toc the Crocodile - Himself
The Lost Boys

  • Slightly - Himself
  • Cubby - Himself
  • The Twins - Themselves
  • Nibs - Himself
  • Tootles - Himself

Princess Tiger Lily - Herself
The Indian Chief - Himself
Mermaids of the Lagoon - Themselves
Nana - Herself
Mary Darling - Belle (Beauty and the Beast) (as Wendy's mother)
George Darling - Dimitri (Anastasia) (as Wendy's father)
The Indians - Themselves
Indian Squaw - Herself
Brave and Squaw - Jane and Hogarth (Return to Neverland and the Iron Giant)
Brave's Mother-in-Law - Vitani (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride)
Pirates - Themselves


Second Star to the Right (Peter version)
Meet the Darlings
Meet Peter Pan
Captain Hook and the Pirates
The Lost Boys
Captured by the Indians
Captain Hook Kidnaps Tiger Lily
Peter Pan Fights Captain Hook at Skull Rock
Captain Hook's New Plan
What Makes the Captain Royal
Tinker Bell Helps Captain Hook/Baby Mine (Wendy Version)
A Bomb for Peter Pan! (My version)
Belle Divorces Dimitri (When Love is Gone)
Peter Pan's Final Battle with Captain Hook (My version)
A Dream Worth Keeping (Wendy and Peter Version)
Peter Pan Alternate Ending (761954's Version)


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