New cast

Melody: Angie Hinamoto (Digimon Fusion; But instead of giving Medusa the trident like Melody did to Morgana in the original, she'll instead be moved by Merida's apology and give her the trident, to which Medusa, out of anger, reveals her true colors and snatches the trident from Merida)

Tip: Timon (The Lion King; As a mermeerkat)

Dash: Pumbaa (The Lion King; As a merwarthog)

Morgana: Madame Medusa (The Rescuers; As a cecaelia)

Undertow's smaller self: Divermon (Digimon)

Undertow's bigger self: Metalseadramon (Digimon)

Cloak and Dagger: Brutus and Nero (The Rescuers)

Nice Merman Melody likes: Mikey Kudo (Digimon Fusion)

Chapter 1: Opening/Medusa's Threat

Chapter 2: Angie's Dream/Medusa's Plan

Chapter 3: Birthday Disaster/Angie Runs Away

Chapter 4: Medusa Turns Angie into a Mermaid/Going to Atlantica

Chapter 5: Meeting Timon and Pumbaa/Arriving in Atlantica

Chapter 6: Stealing the Trident/Returning to Medusa

Chapter 7: Merida and Angie Make Amends/Medusa Takes Control

Chapter 8: Escape/Final Battle

Chapter 9: Peace Returns Between the Land and Sea/Ending

For original story: The Little Scottish Mermaid

For third and final sequel: The Little Scottish Mermaid 3: Adventures in Atlantis